Amoy Hong Kong style sauce 200g


Product Feature: Formulated with variety of spice, satay and curry taste profile, it works particularly well with mix & stir-fry noodles, cooking/dipping with HK style snack such as Fish Ball, and served with Dim Sum and soup noodles.


Sugar, Water, Canola Oil, Fermented Salted Soy Sauce (Soybean, Wheat Flour, Salt, Water), Garlic, Onion, Shallot, Rice Vinegar ( Water, Rice) Salt, Curry Powder, Peanut Butter, Chilli, Spices, Fish Sauce (Anchovy, Salt, Sugar), Sesame Paste (Sesame, Canola Oil),Colour(Plain Caramel), Modified Starch, Sesame Oil, Dried Shrimp (Crustacean), Flavour Enhancer (E631, E627), Stabiliser(E415).

Product of Hong Kong

No added preservative
No added MSG