Da Di Cha Lu Tea Leaves – Tieguanyin Oolong Tea 120G


Product of Taiwan

With a hundred years of experience in planting and tea making, the tea garden has a complete health management and production history, and then uses the technology to test and classify the packaging, and launch “Da Di Cha Lu”, so that you can enjoy the essence of Taiwan oolong tea easily and healthily.

Taiwan is a subtropical island with tall and straight mountains. The high-altitude virgin forests with fertile soil are the hometown of Taiwan’s alpine tea. In the misty clouds, the morning dew is drunk in the day, and the frost is eaten at night, Thick tea leaves are more luscious and less bitter. The team from a tea-growing family, with the most devout heart and the purest technology, Let every “Da Di Cha Lu” be the best. The hot soup is injected, like the morning mist covering the mountains, leaving a lingering fragrance in your throat.

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