Glico Chocolate Pocky Stick (Sakura Matcha) 101.6g [JAPAN]


Sakura Matcha Pocky is one of Japan’s most popular seasonal releases, available for the spring cherry blossom season. The Pocky biscuit is a faint pink, flavored with sakura leaf extract for a light floral flavor. In contrast, the Uji matcha-infused chocolate coating adds bittersweet umami. This Pocky always brings to mind the image of enjoying a cup of matcha beneath the blossoming sakura trees.

Ingredients: Wheat flour (produced in Japan), sugar, lactose, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, vegetable oil, shortening, matcha green tea, cherry leaf extract powder, salt, yeast/emulsifier, acabeat pigment, fragrance, seasoning (inorganic salt), leavening agent, (1) contains milk ingredients, wheat, and soybeans).

Product of Japan