Kasugai Frutia Gummy Assortment (Mixed 3 Flavours) 120g


Kasugai Frutia Gummy Assortment (Mixed 3 Flavours)
Original fruit mix. Assortment of long selling 3 flavors, grapes , strawberry , muscat (white grapes) . You can enjoy three Kasugai gummy original flavors from its release in 1990.

IngredientsL: Glucose syrup, sweetener E420i, gelatin, concentrated muscat juice, concentrated grape juice, concentrated strawberry juice, acidulant E330, natural and artificial flavour, thickener (E440), acidulant (E296), starch powder (potato), acidulant (E331), emulsifier (E475, soy lecithin E322), brightener E903, colour E102, E129, E133)

Product of Japan

Kasugai Frutia Gummy Assortment Mixed 3 Flavours 120g -
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