Marukome Rice Koji Salt Malt 200G ***Best Before: 06/07/2024***


Ingredients: Water, Rice, Salt, Alcohol.

Product of Japan

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Add malt to your daily life.
You can easily add the ancient Japanese malt to your daily diet. The brand “Plus Malt Koji” was born from such a thought.

Marukome female staff is mainly designed and developed products from the perspective of women.

We have developed a variety of products that allow you to enjoy the richness of malt easily in a variety of scenes such as miso and salt malt.

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Recommended Recipes: Salt Malt fried chicken
Soak with raw salt malt and fry it for a fluffy and juicy fried experience.

Material (2 persons)
Poultry meat: 1 piece (about 10.6 oz (300 g)), Flour: Appropriate amount, Cresson: 1/2 handle
(a) Raw Salt Malte: 3 tablespoons, Ginger Juice: 1 large serving, Grated Garlic: 1/2 servings, Frying Oil: Appropriate amount

How to Make
1. Cut a bite of poultry and pour (a).(Can be stored in a minimum of 20 minutes for 1 to 2 days)
2. Pour flour on the surface of [1] and fry with fried oil that is heated to 170 degrees, until it is brown.Comes in a bowl with a creson.

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Recommended Recipes: Roasted salt malt salmon
Soak with raw salt malt and bake for a soft and elegant grilled salmon.

Material (2 persons)
Raw Salmon: 2 slices, Green Spread: 2 pieces, Radish Grater: Appropriate amount, Ginger: Appropriate amount,
7-flavored chili peppers: appropriate amount, raw salt malt malt: 2 tablespoons

How to Make
1. Put the raw salmon and “raw salmon malt” in the storage bag and blend it with the whole salmon, close the mouth of the bag and let it sleep overnight in the fridge.
2. Remove the salt malt on the surface of the [1] by hand and bake in the fish grilling for 8 to 10 minutes.If you bake for about 5 minutes, spread the salt malt remaining in the bag over salmon and bake it.
3. Place [2] in a plate, add rice jaws, grate radish and grate ginger, and sip the seedy chili pepper.

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Recommended Recipes – Egg Benedict of Toofu Sauce
Cream-inspired toef sauce is a healthy egg benedict. (Reciped by Yukari Sonobara)

Material (2 persons)
Cotton Tofu: 1/2 teaspoons, Milk: 1 tbsp, Eggs: 2 pcs, Ham, 6 pcs, English Muffin: 1 pc.
Raw Salt Malt: 1 tsp, Consumer: 1 tsp, Chili Pepper: As you like.

How to Make
1. Rinse tofu well.Tofu is finely ground with milk, concesome, and raw salt malt in the food processor for about 1 minute, making a toofu sauce.Eggs are poached eggs.
2. Lightly bake half muffins with a toaster, place ham, poached eggs, and add a generous amount of [1] of the top of the toaster.Hang your chili peppers as you like.

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