Minh Ha Summer Roll Kit 200G


Easy to make Vietnamese Summer Roll Kit with rice papers, rice vermicelli & dipping sauce all in one box.

KIT CONTAINS: rice papers, rice vermicelli, dipping sauce
SERVES 2 for an authentic Vietnamese dish ready in just 20 minutes, simply add pork, prawn and vegetable.

Ingredients: Kit Contains: Rice Papers, Rice Vermicelli, Dipping Sauce (Serves 2).
1. Dipping sauce: Water, Sugar, Fish sauce (water, salt, anchovy), Garlic, Chilli, Acetic acid (E260), Preservatives (E202), Antioxidants (E300).
2. Rice papers: Tapioca Starch, Rice flour, Salt, Water.
3. Rice Vermicelli: Tapioca starch, Rice flour, Water, Salt.

Product of Vietnam