Mixed Beans & Grains for JaJa Sweet Soup 300g



成份:眉豆17%,紅腰豆13%,西米13%,小米10%,小麥17%,洋薏米17%,大麥 13%

1. 先將材料洗淨
2. 將材料放入煲內,加4 碗水
3 猛火煮沸,轉為文火煲45分鐘,加入適冰糖,椰漿

This dessert is made from several different kinds of beans. You only need to add coconut milk and rock sugar to make a delicious dessert. Serve in hot or cold!

Ingredients: Eyebrow Bean 17%, Red Kidney Bean 13%, Sago 13%, Millet 10%, Wheat 17%, Barley 17%, Barley 13%

1. Wash the ingredientst
2. Put the ingredients into the pot, add 4 bowls of water
3. Boil the beans and turn to slow cook for 45 minutes, add some yellow rock sugar, coconut milk