Ottogi Jin Jjajang Noodles (Pack of 4)



Noodel: Wheat Flour, Potato Starch, Modified Starch, Palm Oil, Wheat Glruten, Salt, Yeast Extract, Emulsified Oil (Soy Bean Oil, Dsobitol, Soybean Lecitin, Glycerin Esters Of Fattyacides), Alkaline Agent (Mineral Salt[E501], Sodium Polyphosphate), Thickener [E412], Onion Extrct, Calcium (Egg Sel), Riboflavin [E101]

Soup: Jjajang Seasonging Sauce(Black Bean Paste, Caramel, Salt), Oligosaccaride, Water, Jjajang Seasoning Powder (Black Bean Paste, Caramel, Salt), Sugar, Corn Oil, Yestextract Powder, Onion Oil, Onion Powder, Dlal, Nine, Flavor Enhancer [E640], Disodium 5, Inosnate,disoudium 5′-guanylate, [Palm Oil Powder, Caramel Powder, Sesame Oil, Salt, Ginger Powder, Textured Vegetable Protein (Soy, Wheat), Cabbage, Onion, Fried Potato.

Product of Korea