Sagami PU Condom 0.01 Regular (5pc)


At Sagami we don’t compromise! Using our leading condom technology, we developed the 0.01 condom to be both Super Thin and Super Strong, giving you that ultimate skin feel. More heat. More intimacy. More pleasure. Please Note – PU material might feel tighter than Latex condoms due to its superior properties allowing for the increased thinness & strength.

• SUPER THIN 0.01 – Using the latest thin condom technology, Sagami has created super thin condoms that are 3x thinner than our regular latex condoms.

• SUPER STRONG – Using the innovative PU materials, Sagami condoms are 3x stronger than our regular latex condoms.

• THE SAGAMI POD – A unique pack designed to help you never lose the moment again!

• LONG-LASTING LUBRICANT – We use silicone-based lubes to give you a longer-lasting enjoyable experience.

• NON-LATEX POLYURETHANE – Our specially designed polyurethane condoms are suitable for those with latex allergies and are completely odourless.